Iron Man 3

This movie came out today to iTunes and DVD. The main characters where: Robert Downey Jr.-Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow -Pepper Pots and Ashley Hamilton- Firepower. This movie is definitely as good as it is supposed to be. As usual with Iron Man films Tony Stark has new gadgets and suits to save the world with. This movie has 1 or 2 surprises thrown in and is also quite funny too at some points.

I would recommend this movie to anyone as it has no swearing in it and no violence.

I will rate this movie 9/10 as it wasn’t as good as Avengers Assemble which was extremely good.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This movie I have watched many times before but only once on DVD today. The main characters are: Hugh Jackman-Wolverine and Leiv Screiber-Sabertooth. At the start you automatically realize how old Wolverine actually is as at the start it is set in mid Victorian times. There are some gruesome parts in it but not to bad though. The whole movie w had a very interesting story line to it.

I would recommend this movie for anyone over at least 10 as for the gruesome parts.

I will rate this movie 8/10 because I would add more actual X-Men as it is called X-Men.

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