Assassins Creed 4 black flag

This game is probably the best AC game I’ve ever played. Purely because of its sense of freedom available to you. Edward Kennoway (the main character) is on an wild adventure as a pirate as well as being an assassin which makes him completely badass. He is also pirate which adds to his character in the whole series.

This game is suitable for people over the age of 18 because of its violence and strong language.

I will wait this game and 9/10 because because as a very good storyline and it fits well with the series as a whole but with some very good twists. The only change I would make to it are the graphics which I’m never good thing in any of the AC games.

The Wolverine

Sorry for not posting in ages! I will be back on track, reviewing films and games.

This movie I watched a couple of months ago and was quite pleased with it on the whole. The main characters are:Hugh Jackman  -Logan (Wolverine),  Tao Okamoto -Mariko, Rila Fukushima -Yuiko and Hal Yamanouchi -Yashida. Over all the story was well thought out and fits in with the story of Logan as Wolverine. I would say there are too many flashbacks to his dead love: Jean Grey. This movie is probably suitable for people over the age of 11 because it is quite violent and a little gory at some scenes and one part that is a little sexual.

I will rate this movie 8/10 because it has a good story line that links with the story of Logan but maybe it needs a little less flashbacks to Jean.