The Wolverine

Sorry for not posting in ages! I will be back on track, reviewing films and games.

This movie I watched a couple of months ago and was quite pleased with it on the whole. The main characters are:Hugh Jackman  -Logan (Wolverine),  Tao Okamoto -Mariko, Rila Fukushima -Yuiko and Hal Yamanouchi -Yashida. Over all the story was well thought out and fits in with the story of Logan as Wolverine. I would say there are too many flashbacks to his dead love: Jean Grey. This movie is probably suitable for people over the age of 11 because it is quite violent and a little gory at some scenes and one part that is a little sexual.

I will rate this movie 8/10 because it has a good story line that links with the story of Logan but maybe it needs a little less flashbacks to Jean.