Halo Reach

Halo Reach has been a brilliant game for me despite me being a Halo fan. It is different from the other Halo games and has firefight. The campaign story is good too and I also like the way you can custumise your armor too. This game took me 1 month to complete.

I would recommend this game to anyone

I will rate this game 10/10 as I had so much fun!


Halo 4

This new Halo game was very exciting for me as I am a big halo fan. The story is about Master Chief fighting a new race called the for-runners.  The gameplay was very good and the game was very fun too. There are lots of levels to play which was very good for me and a very interesting story to follow along the way of playing. 1 thing i would add to this game is Firefight which was in the previous Halo game: Halo Reach.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes combat as there is lots of it.

I will rate this game 9/10 because of the lack of multiplayer games out side of the campaign story.