Halo Reach

Halo Reach has been a brilliant game for me despite me being a Halo fan. It is different from the other Halo games and has firefight. The campaign story is good too and I also like the way you can custumise your armor too. This game took me 1 month to complete.

I would recommend this game to anyone

I will rate this game 10/10 as I had so much fun!


Assassins Creed Brotherhood

This assassins creed game is about a new assassin called: Ezio who recently became part of the creed and is trying to add new recruits to the assassins brotherhood, this I think is a good story line for this game. As with most assassins creed games the gameplay is exceptionally good. I would recommend anyone to buy this game but I would also recommend that you would be 12+ because of violence and sexual (not to bad) content.

I will rate this game 8/10


This movie i watched from iTunes the day it came out. The main characters are: Tom Cruise-Jack Harper, Olga Kurylenko-Julia, Morgan Freeman- Malcom Beach and Andrea Riseborough-Victoria. This movie interests you from the start as it explains how the moon was destroyed by aliens for power, which I think in any ones book will catch there attention as it did for me. The story line is good and there is a few twists thrown into it to it too. This movie i would recommend for anyone but its rating is 12.

I will rate this movie: 9/10 because it wasn’t as good as Star Trek


Halo 4

This new Halo game was very exciting for me as I am a big halo fan. The story is about Master Chief fighting a new race called the for-runners.  The gameplay was very good and the game was very fun too. There are lots of levels to play which was very good for me and a very interesting story to follow along the way of playing. 1 thing i would add to this game is Firefight which was in the previous Halo game: Halo Reach.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes combat as there is lots of it.

I will rate this game 9/10 because of the lack of multiplayer games out side of the campaign story.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I went to this movie see in the cinema and it was very gripping from the start. The main characters were: Chris Pine-James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto-Spok and the legendary (and British) Benedict Cumberbatch-Khan. All these actors played very well as all of there roles. The story was based on the original TV series and was very interesting to  watch. I would recommend this film when it is released to iTunes on the 2nd of September for anyone to watch.

I will rate this movie: 10/10 as it is very action packed and interesting right from the start.

Assassins Creed Revelations

This assassins creed game is a very interesting as well as addictive and fun to play. As all ways with assassins creed games the game play is very good and the graphics are acceptable for its time. This game took me around 1-2 months to complete because of its challenging levels and puzzles along the way.

All in all this is a very fun game to play and i would recommend you to be 12+ to play even though the age rating is 15.

My rating for this game is: 9/10 because it was fun to play but the levels are a bit to long and therefor the game is to.